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1. Food crop production increased for the 12th year in a row.
表示“连续”还可选择 consecutive, straight
例如:Food crop production increased for the 12th consecutive year.
      They’d won 12 straight games before they lost.
2. 大众创业、万众创新
Business startups and innovations by the general public flourished
Public participation in starting businesses and making innovations
3. 稳增长调结构防风险,创新宏观调控方式。
Maintained stable growth, made structural adjustments, guarded against risks, and developed new ways of conducting macro regulation.
4. 盘活财政存量资金
Putting dormant budgetary funds to good use.
盘活…对应翻译为 put sth to good use, 简单易懂
5. 发行地方政府债券置换存量债务3.2万亿元。
Local government bonds issued to replace outstanding debt reached 3.2 trillion Yuan.
发行债券用issue; Outstanding debt未偿还的债务,outstanding可作形容词,未偿还的。
6. 简政放权、放管结合、优化服务改革。
Streamline administration, delegate more powers, improve regulation, and provide better services.
Streamline v. 使成流线型,使简化;delegate v. 授权;英文翻译简单明了。
7. 全面实施三证合一、一照一码。
The system of a separate business license, organization code certificate, and taxation registration certificate was replaced by a unified business license a unified social credit code.
汉语表述较为简单,翻译时为了读者更好理解,采取了解释说明的方法。“三证”指营业执照business license;组织机构代码organization code certificate;税务登记证taxation registration certificate。“一照一码”指的是营业执照+社会信用代码social credit code。
8. 公布自主减排行动目标,推动国际气候变化谈判取得积极成果。
We release self-imposed emissions reduction targets and contributed to the positive outcomes of international negotiations on climate change.
Self-imposed 表示自愿接收到,符合原文中自主的意思,同时表明了中国主动承担国际义务的含义。
9. 城镇保障性安居工程住房基本建成772万套,棚户区住房改造开工601万套,农村危房改造432万户。
Over the course of the year, 7.72 million government-subsidized housing units were basically completed in urban areas, work started on the reconstruction of 6.01 million housing units in rundown urban areas, and 4.32 million dilapidated houses in rural areas were rebuilt.
保障性安居工程住房直接翻译为government-subsidized housing,十分简洁。
棚户区rundown urban areas;农村危房dilapidated houses in rural areas。
1. 治理污染、保护环境,事关人民群众健康和可持续发展,必须强力推进,下决心走出一条经济发展与环境改善双赢之路
Pollution control and environmental protection are important to both the health of our people and sustainable development, so we must work hard moving forward and resolve to take a path that leads to both economic development and environmental improvement.
2. 重拳治理大气雾霾和水污染。
We will take strong measures against air and water pollution.
3. 鼓励秸秆资源化利用,减少直接焚烧。
We will encourage the recovery of resources from crop straw to reduce straw burning.
4. 在重点区域实行大气污染联防联控。
We will coordinate efforts to prevent and control air pollution in regions where it presents a problem.
5. 新修订的环境保护法必须严格执行,对超排偷排者必须严厉打击,对姑息纵容者必须严肃追究。 
We must ensure that the newly revised Environmental Protection Law is strictly enforced, that those who emit pollutants beyond the limit allowed by their permit or without a permit are severely punished, and that those who knowingly allow such violations are held to account.
6. 开展全民节能、节水行动。 
We will encourage everyone to conserve energy and water.
7. 保护环境,人人有责。每一个社会成员都要自觉行动起来,为建设美丽中国贡献力量。 
Every one of us has an obligation to protect the environment—we call on every member of society to act and contribute to the building of a Beautiful China.
8. 为政之道,民生为本。我们要念之再三、铭之肺腑多谋民生之利,多解民生之忧。财政收入增长虽放缓,但该给群众办的实事一件也不能少
The best form of governance is that which puts people's wellbeing first. We must never lose sight of this and do more to improve the lives of our people and address their concerns. Growth in government revenue is slowing, but when it comes to getting things done for the welfare of the people, we mustn't drop a single thing.
9. 实施更加积极的就业政策,鼓励以创业带动就业
We will pursue a more proactive employment policy and encourage business startups that create employment.
10. 完成2100万人次以上农民工职业技能提升培训任务。
Over 21 million training opportunities should be provided for migrant workers to improve their skills.
11. 切实做好退役军人安置和就业创业服务工作。  
We will see that demobilized military personnel are settled into new jobs or have good access to employment and business startup services.
12. 发展更高质量更加公平的教育。
We will promote fairer access to quality education.
13. 教育承载着国家的未来、人民的期盼。
Education is where a country's future and its people's hopes and aspirations lie.
14. 公共教育投入要加大向中西部和边远、贫困地区倾斜力度
We will allocate a greater share of funds for public education to the central and western regions and to remote and poor areas.
15. 推动具备条件的普通本科高校向应用型转变。
Regular undergraduate institutions will be encouraged to shift their focus toward providing applied education if they are in a position to do so.
16. 健康幸福之基
Health is at the root of happiness.
17. 促进医疗资源基层和农村流动
See that more medical resources are channeled toward the community level in urban areas and toward rural areas.
18. 让人民群众吃得安全、吃得放心。 
This should ensure that people have access to safe food and can have confidence in what they are eating.
19. 各地要切实负起责任,确保养老金按时足额发放。
Local governments need to fulfill their duties to ensure that pension benefits are paid on time and in full.
20. 加快健全城乡社会救助体系,使困难群众遇急有助、遇困有帮让社会充满关爱和温暖。 
We will speed up the development of social assistance systems so that people with urgent needs have access to assistance and support, helping society become a caring and warm one.
21. 倡导全民阅读
We will work to foster a love of reading in our people.
22. 引导公共文化资源城乡基层倾斜
We will see that more public cultural resources are made available in rural and urban communities.
23. 形成全民健身新时尚。 
We will encourage new trends in popular fitness activities.
24. 加快行业协会商会与行政机关脱钩改革。
We will move faster to untie industry associations and chambers of commerce from any connections they still have with the government.
25. 加强对农村留守儿童和妇女、老人的关爱服务。
We will strengthen support and services provided to the children, women, and elderly who remain in rural areas while their family members work away in the cities.
26. 生命高于一切,安全重于泰山。
Nothing is more valuable than life, and ensuring public safety is of paramount importance.
27. 实行党政同责、一岗双责、失职追责。 
We will ensure that both CPC committees and governments are held accountable, officials take responsibility for workplace safety in performing their duties, and those who fail to uphold safety standards are held accountable.
28. 重任千钧惟担当。
The most formidable tasks demand the greatest sense of mission.
29. 法定职责必须为,法无授权不可为。
Governments at all levels must carry out all statutory functions and duties and may not do anything not authorized by law.
30. 及时回应社会关切,使群众了解政府做什么、怎么做
We will respond in a timely manner to social concerns and inform the public about what the government is doing and how.
31. 政府工作人员要恪尽职守、夙夜在公,主动作为、善谋勇为
Government workers must take an active approach to their work, carry out effective planning and decisive implementation, fulfill all their duties, and work tirelessly in service of the public.
32. 让广大干部愿干事、敢干事、能干成事
This will help ensure that our officials want to act, are not afraid to act, and are able to act and deliver.
33. 上下同欲者胜。
Success belongs to those who share, from top to bottom, in one purpose.
34. 要坚持中国特色解决民族问题的正确道路。
We will stick to the Chinese way—the right way—of managing ethnic issues
35. 不断增强海内外中华儿女的向心力。 
We will strengthen the bonds of attachment and affection of all Chinese, whether at home or overseas, to our motherland.
36. 走出一条新时期鱼水情深的军政军民团结之路。 
We should strive to forge an ever closer bond between the military and the government and between the military and the people in this new era.
37. 我们将秉持"两岸一家亲"理念,同台湾同胞共担民族大义,共享发展机遇,携手构建两岸命运共同体。 
Guided by the conviction that people on both sides of the Straits belong to one and the same family, we will share with our fellow countrymen and women in Taiwan both the responsibility of the Chinese nation and opportunities for development and jointly build a cross-Straits community of common destiny.
38. 中国愿与国际社会一道,为人类和平与发展事业不懈努力! 
China will work tirelessly with the rest of the international community to promote the peace and development of all of humanity.
39. 奋斗才能赢得未来。
Our future can be secured only through hard work. 



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